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    • What is a Cookie?

    Cookies are recorded, small text files, or information on your computer, or mobile device when you visit websites using mobile, or desktop devices. Cookies generally contain the names of sites they come from, their lifespan, and values formed by random given numbers.

    • What do we use cookies for?


    We use cookies to make our site easier to use, to tailor it for your interests and needs, and for personalization to show our users smart advertisements. Websites can read and write the cookie files; and important information related to you can get recalled, so that you can get recognized, and get served a more suitable website (like recalling your preference settings). 

    Cookies also help in speeding up your future activity on our website. Additionally, we can use cookies to gather statistical information about the usage of our website, so that we can understand how our visitors use our website, and that we can improve our website’s design and practicality.

    We utilize cookies to personalize users’ browsing of websites, mobile applications, and/or mobile websites.

    This utilization contains;


    • The cookies that save your password and ensure that your website/mobile application/mobile website session stays constantly open, so that they save you from entering your password again for each visit
    • The cookies that remember and recognize users on their later visits to the website/mobile application and/or mobile website.

    Also including the detection of how you used the website/mobile application/mobile website, from where the users connected to the website and/or mobile website, and which devices they used to connect, what content they looked at on the website/mobile application/mobile website, and the duration of their visit; we use cookies to determine how a user browses a website, mobile application and/or mobile website.

    We use cookies to serve appropriate content and advertisements suited for the interests of the user, in other words, we use cookies for targeted advertisements or presentation.

    • What kind of cookies do we use?


    We use two kinds of cookies called session cookies, and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary cookies, and last only until you close your browser. Persistent cookies remain on your device’s internal storage until you delete them, or until they expire (in this way, how long cookies remain on your device, depends on their “lifespan”).